Chairman of KOK Foundation Young Choe

Chairman of the KOK Foundation Young Choe

[In-depth interview]

“KOK Foundation’s Newly Appointed Chairman, Young Choe”

Q. Congratulations on your new role! Can you please tell us about KOK Foundation?

A. The KOK Foundation is a blockchain project with the aim of creating a content ecosystem in which all participants are equally rewarded for their efforts. Based on blockchain technology, KOK tokens are issued and various new content can be consumed through our platform, “KOK PLAY.” Now as Chairman of the board, I will focus on value-adding drivers that will continuously add to KOK’s overall value.

Q. What is the secret to achieving such an enormous global community numbering over half a million members globally?

A. There are a few factors but the most prominent one would be our “Frontiers.” The passion of our Frontiers who believe in KOK’s vision are the ones who helped achieve this explosive growth through consistent marketing activities around the world. Accordingly, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our Frontiers.

Q. Can you briefly summarize KOK’s achievements over the past three years?

A. KOK PLAY focused mostly on building up our digital content library for the better part of 2019 and 2020. We now have an impressive collection of digital content ranging from independent films, blockbuster movies, web dramas, webtoons, and more. Digital content, mainstream as well as original, is one of our main focus areas and will continue to be so. As for exchange listings, KOK started with ZBG, followed by Bittrex Global, then on to Bithumb Global. Shortly after, KOK listed on Kucoin, a large North American exchange, which almost skyrocketed KOK’s value beyond our expectations. It was a productive year of expanding our content ecosystem while consistently building brand recognition through listing on exchanges.


In July of 2021, KOK invited prominent global figures to sit on the “Global-Technical Advisory Board” or (G-TAB). World-renowned futurist Dr. Thomas Frey, Professor David Thaw, and Dr. Joel Comm, a pioneer in the internet sector since 1995, as well as Jill Carrigan, a media expert in the blockchain sector are currently advisors of KOK. And in December, KOK released Version 3 of its content platform as well as new subscription models which allow unlimited access to KOK’s digital content for 30 days.


In the first half of this year, KOK has listed on two more exchanges, Indodax and

But the biggest milestone is undoubtedly the roll out of KOK’s mainnet, “K STADIUM.”

Q. Can you briefly explain K STADIUM, its core technology, and the results expected through its launch?

A. The mainnet, K STADIUM, was developed through the industry leading technology of Medium, a domestic blockchain company. In April of last year, KOK contracted with Medium to take over operations due to their expertise in the blockchain sector which naturally led to Medium developing KOK’s mainnet as well.

Medium has positioned the hyperledger besu as Layer 1 and their innovative technology, MDL, as a layer 2 solution, which addressed issues pertaining to performance and transaction fees. MDL’s unique technology addresses such existing issues in today’s cryptocurrency projects.

Q. Can you explain the relocation of KOK to Singapore and what you hope to achieve through this upcoming move?

A. Due to Medium’s high-performance mainnet source technology, the relocation has been pulled up two years ahead of schedule. Medium’s blockchain technology is so superior that the project was completed way ahead of schedule. That is why there is a growing demand for Medium’s high-performance blockchain technology in the public, private, as well as financial sectors. However, recent misunderstandings and incorrect information regarding the contractual relationship between our two companies has created some noise and confusion for Medium and for this I send my sincere apologies to our development company.

Now that the beta version of K STADIUM has been completed, the contract term between KOK and Medium will expire by the end of April. Accordingly, KOK’s operation as well as its mainnet will be handed over to the newly established Singapore corporation called ‘K STADIUM Pte. Ltd.’ All of these transitions should be completed before the end of June, when the official K STADIUM version 1.0 is released.

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Keystone of Opportunity and Knowledge: Self governing ecosystem that runs a reward based DAO for content creation. Minting Ethereum-Powered Unique NFTs.

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Keystone of Opportunity and Knowledge: Self governing ecosystem that runs a reward based DAO for content creation. Minting Ethereum-Powered Unique NFTs.