Interview with CTO Young Choe Part.4 — DPoSS

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2 min readAug 10, 2020


Hello, KOK Family!

Thanks to your attention, we will continue to have the interview regarding more details of KOK.

This interview will be mainly about the three core technologies of KOK MainNet. First will be BP selection algorithm, DPOSS. Second is KOK consensus algorithm, PPBFT. The last core technology, AutoXML, the Smart Contract composition environment.


Great to have here again!


Okay, I am glad to be here gain.


Would you please explain the detail information of DPoSS?


Okay. For this session, we will be covering about all of three key technologies of KOK Platform.

The first one is DPoSS, stands for Delegated Proof of Stake and Service.

EOS was developed to solve scalability and speed of blockchain, the problems of Ethereum.

EOS achieved a good speed up and scalability, but it suffers from centralization issues, because it uses only 21 block producers. 21 is easy to centralize some decisions and voting.

So, it was the big issue to solve that centralization problem.

Many EOS family blockchains, they try to solve the problems one way or the other.

We, KOK Platform, choose DPoSS.

We put service, the importance of serviceability, of a block producer as one of the key component in choosing a BP.

Service on a blockchain is implemented mainly by DApps.

So to become a BP, it should be responsible for its DApps.

The serviceability matrix and staking of KOK Tokens, those two factors are considered to choose BPs.

So one BP can be nominated from DApps ecosystem. (As I mentioned above) that BP is responsible for that DApp, which represents the service.

Because that BP in our KOK MainNet is responsible for its DApp’s serviceability, it should behave well. That is the key point.

In DPoS, only the number of staking coin is the key issue.

But in our DPoSS, not only staking but also serviceability and responsibility to serve ecosystem (are emphasized). It is very important.

Okay let me explain briefly with the picture. As I said, stake equals to number of coins, and serviceability. Those are two factors that are considered to become BP.

Currently we have 21 BPs. One BP represents DApp community.

That BP is chosen to join 21 BP community based on the number of coins and serviceability.

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KOK CHAIN Official

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