[Shopping Mall] Exciting New Year, Exciting 200% Mileage Accumulation Event

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2 min readJan 10, 2022

2022 is a vibrant year that beams with the energy of the black tiger. We welcome the new year by making New Year’s resolutions and spending time with our loved ones. To ring in the new year on a high note, we have prepared the first shopping mall event of the year for our special members.

The event line up consists of luxurious designer items that were a hit last year, and stone beds that guarantee a deep and comfortable sleep. Enjoy spoiling yourself and those around you with KOK shopping and earn 200% mileage while doing so!


1. Period: January 11th (Tues) 2022, 14:00 (UTC +9) ~ January 14th (Fri) 2022, 14:00 (UTC +9)

2. Details: Those who purchase event products within the period will receive 200% of the purchase amount as mining mileage.

3. Eligible products:

Designer brands

[Gucci] Micro Guccissima Wallet

[Gucci] Shoulder Bag 447632 DTD1T 1000

[Gucci] Wool Silk Scarf 165904 3G646 1400

[Montblanc] Money Clip 101867

[Ferragamo] Watch SFHT001–20

[Ferragamo] Watch SFHT003–20

Stone Bed

[Hanil] 2022 Upgraded Version Mercury 2005 Single (Gift: Pillow)

[Hanil] 2022 Upgraded Version Jupiter 2005 Queen (Gift: Pillow)

Beauty & Health

[TS] The Trust TS Shampoo 5 types (C X 2 sets)

[Cheongkwanjang] Red Ginseng Daily Stick Double Gift Set 10g x 20 sticks + Bo Yunjeong 100g x 1 bottle & [Korea Red Ginseng Promotion Corporation] Goryeo Millennium Water Red Ginseng Extract 250g 2 Bottles (Luxury wooden case)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -


- There is a limit of 10 purchases per person for the [Cheongkwanjang] Red Ginseng Daily Sticks. All other products have no limit on the number of purchases.

- For inquiries related to the KOK shopping mall, please use the 1:1 customer center in the shopping mall.

- Designer items AS center: JAD MIDI WORKS Customer Center: 1800–5435 / If you need support for the designer items after purchasing them at KOK shopping mall, please contact the customer center listed above.

[Delivery Information]

- Please note that delivery of all products is only available in Korea, and delivery may be delayed due to strikes by some courier companies.

- For stone beds, the installation fee varies depending on the region. A total of 3 Happy Calls will be made to customers to schedule delivery (1st Happy Call: 070–7725–9075). Please answer the calls and pay the shipping fee in cash to the shipping company.

Additionally, delivery may not be possible to islands or mountainous areas, and we do not provide removal services for existing products.

  • Please take into account that designer brand items will be delivered sequentially starting in the last week of January.

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KOK CHAIN Official

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